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My name is Linda Romanazzi, I was born in the north of Sweden in a small city surrounded by nature, lakes, fresh air and northern lights in the sky at night. I moved to Paris in 2004. Music has always been one of my biggest passions in life and I started to DJ in 1998. Today I’m Dj’ing full time all over the world, from private events in New York, Bali and Marrakesh to The Film Festival in Cannes, Tour de France, and a residency at Sunset Ashram in Ibiza this summer.  As a Gemini with my ascendant in Sagittarius I am a freedom lover, dreamer, and artist with a 100% creative soul.  I am very spiritual and I love to be in nature, recently I crave it. 

 I love to travel and I’m traveling as much and often as I can. Ibiza is close to my heart and I call the beautiful island my second home since 9 years now.  

YOUR CHILDHOOD DREAM? I don’t remember if I had a particular dream as a child, but I think I wanted to be something creative like singer, actress or dancer as I was extremely creative and full of ideas. I painted a lot as a child, drawings, aquarelle, oil and pencil sketches. 

YOUR DREAM AS AN ADULT? My dream as an adult on a personal plane is now to live on a beautiful island without pronounced seasons in peace and harmony with nature where I can practice yoga meditation, sound healing and walk in the nature on a daily basis. I believe human beings are made for something bigger than to be locked in offices 8 times a day until they are 65 just in order to pay our bills and die. On a  global scale I think its to heal the world.  I mean that should be the ultimate goal for everyone. I think that’s why we are here, we just have different paths that leads us there and different ways of doing it. 

A SUPER POWER YOU WANT TO DEVELOP? I would like to be sensitive enough to understand all people so that I could help them, on a personal plane it would be fun to be able to at any time access higher dimensions and to time travel. 

WHAT WOULD YOU DO AGAIN? All creative and healing processes I’ve ever begun. Forgiving people. 

WHAT WOULD YOU NEVER DO AGAIN? Devalue myself.Put myself down, think I’m lesser than, worth less than a certain person, I am worthy, I am good enough the way I am.  I am strong, I am worthy of love. I am worthy of respect from men. I am worthy of them treating me right. This is something that grows a lot with age.  You get more aware of your value. 

WHAT IS ONE OF YOUR AVOWED VULNERABILITIES? Sometimes I can be mistaken for being closed or inaccessible. I grew up in north of Sweden where the verbal communication wasn’t always the most powerful one. We instead developed qualities such as trust, honesty and a stable ground.


First important move was when I moved from the small city in Sweden I was born and grew up in (my parents weren’t from there and I always felt like an outsider) I knew the world had so much more in store for me so I moved to the capital; Stockholm when I was 18. 

By 25 I was sick and tired of living in Stockholm Sweden. It was too small and boring for me, I was ready for adventures and big city life! Paris was my next destination and I never looked back. 

The third one was in 2016 when I visited Istanbul, Turkey for the 5th time and it came to change my life forever. 

One night I had a huge spiritual awakening revealing for me the side where the source (The OM aka the creator of the universe or god resides.) Without going into further details it was such a revelation that it felt I had been asleep my whole life and suddenly had woken up. The next morning my life was changed forever. My spiritual journey had begun.

THE IMPRINT YOU WOULD LIKE TO LEAVE? I would like to make a difference in this world, help people, heal people, heal the world a bit. I think we are all here for that, whether we are aware of it or not.  We go through different lessons in this life, obstacles happen on the way, we learn, we grow, then we heal and hopefully come out on the other side as healers ourselves. 

WHAT IS YOUR DISCIPLINE?  I am practicing all kinds of yoga at Le Tigre yoga studio in Le Marais and with all my amazing yoga teacher friends as often as I can. I do other workout too from time to time.  I also practice meditation several times a week. Sometimes I go to retreats, my last one was a Kundalini yoga retreat in France.  

WHEN DID YOU START? I started with yoga in 2012 back in Stockholm, Sweden, practiced for about a year, than I had a pause and re started when I moved back to Paris. I love it so much, it’s really a practice for me. I’ve always been incredible stretchy, so I love that I can easily do even the hardest poses. 

HOW DID YOU KNOW YOU WANTED TO DO THAT? ? I dont know, I guess it’s subconscious and then back in 2012 when yoga started to be very common and popular I tried it and immediately knew it was for me. 

IS THIS YOUR JOB? Non, Im currently not working with yoga, but I have so many friends who does and my little sister is a yoga teacher and a health and abundance coach.

IF YOU WERE A GODDESS, WHICH ONE WOULD YOU BE, OR WHICH GODDESS INSPIRES YOU THE MOST AND WHY?  I think all women are goddesses and warriors just by existing. I don’t identify with any specific, but I’m fascinated and intrigued by Kali, since she showed up in front of me in another dimension once. 

HOW DO YOU TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF? I often take long PW’s, I practice yoga and meditation. I try to sleep a lot, eat healthy (I’m a vegetarian) and take complete pauses from alcohol from time to time. Try to use organic skincare and products only. When I’m in Ibiza I always swim in saltwater and do natural mud peeling. 

WHAT IS YOUR CONNECTION WITH NATURE? I was born and grew up in a small city surrounded by lots of nature, so nature is my roots so to speak. Then I lived in big cities for many years and recently realised I’m done with it.  I’m done with stress, pollution, materialism and  conservatism. I much rather live on an island. I have an urge to reconnect to nature more than ever before. My soul craves to be in nature. I need fresh air, to walk barefoot in sand, to be in the forest, to touch trees and speak to the moon. The crave is almost physical, my soul is asking me to do something about this NOW.  

HOW DO YOU RECONNECT WITH NATURE? I spend as much time as I can in Ibiza since 9 years. I walk around barefoot, swim in the salt water of oceans, sit on the ground, I walk in nature alone, I meditate in nature, I touch the ground and thank the land for letting me be there. 

DO YOU HAVE ONE (OR MORE) RITUALS?  I try to set intentions for the new moon and I often do full moon rituals with different groups here in Paris. For 11/11 I stayed home and meditated and did a ritual the whole day. I use prayers and positive affirmations. I clean myself and my home with palo santo and sage. I also manifest things into my life. My sister is a coach in manifesting abundance so she is a great inspiration.  


I always like the Tony Robbins quote: “Change is the essence of life, be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become” This saying significates so much and is very beautiful. We are always a work in progress, we always learn, we always grow, we heal and everything is always in constant change. 

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SONG? As a professional dj with a musical library with thousand of amazing tracks it’s impossible for me to choose one. I play electronic music, mostly downtempo electronica, but among my heart connected songs I chose: “Vuela Con el viento” (Ayla) and “Cuatro Vientos” (Rey & Kjavik remix)

WHICH IS THE YOGA POSTURE THAT BEST REPRESENTS YOU? As a child I always did “the bridge” without realising it was a yoga pose. Since then I always did it super easily cause it’s  imprinted in the memory of my body.  I always enjoyed the bridge, so let’s say it’s my favourite. 

WHAT IS YOUR TOTEM ANIMAL, OR THE ANIMAL YOU MOST IDENTIFY WITH? I haven’t met my totem animal yet, but I’m looking forward to the day we’ll meet. It must be something gracious and something very independent and free. 

WHAT DOES PARIS REPRESENT FOR YOU? Paris is a beautiful city, It’s been my home for 12 years now. Its romantic, mysterious and have a certain old school touch that I used to love. 

Despite the charm I’ve grown out of Paris now and started to think about where my next destination is gonna be. I can’t stand the pollution, stress, grumpiness and the weather in the winter any longer. 

WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF AN AMAZONE PARISIENNE?  An Amazon Parisienne is an awakened woman who understands that we are all sisters. She leads a conscious lifestyle and is connected to her heart and her feelings. 

If she isn’t already some sort of a healer (yoga teacher, health coach, etc) she has it in her and it’s on the way to blossom…She is someone who doesn’t judge, she includes others, make them feel like they belong. She is kind, natural, helpful and possesses a beautiful sisterhood energy. She doesn’t see other woman as concurrents, but as sisters standing strong together. You can find our favorite Swedish Dj in The Hoxton Club ?Her SoundCloud Her Instagram

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