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Alone, we go faster. Together we go further

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Being a mom in 2020

I’m on the verge of a baby,
That special moment where you’re waiting for the arrival of this little being so dear that you’ve carried in you for nine months.


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Initiating Journeys

The beginning of a new chapter… Our retreats are tailor-made to allow both a beginner and a confirmed to come out satisfied with our adventures.

A perfect cocktail between the discovery of an island or a telluric land and quality teachings. From moments of relaxation and sharing to self-discovery.

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Private holistic events

Our arts are Yoga, Lithotherapy,we used different techniques of care and reconnection to nature.

We make this knowledge available to event agencies, or private event (Blessing Way, EVJF)

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Aqua Yoga

A discipline that allows you to reconnect with your femininity, a course accessible to pregnant women.

A gentle blend of ancestral techniques of care and positive psychology to learn to love each other as a woman.

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