Lovely People,

In this blurry times of history with unprecedent conditions ever experienced in the society and emotions in our inner world, it is essential to cultivate our spirit and design healthy routines and cultivate our body, stay connected and do the work.
This meditation is not a one shot exercise, but a commitment to an introspective process that will reveal its bliss at the end after completion. We have 21 days to go and explore different fields of our life. Because it takes 21 days to establish routines and new ways of thinking. We can thus renew ourselves, evolve from fears to freedom, arise radiant. Be ready to build up this other world of love,  kindness and purpose.
It is the right time now to depurate, to get rid of the false stories we tell ourselves, the limiting beliefs we set alone, the oppression of an anxiogene society. There has never been ever before a greatest moment to take responsibility, to give ourselves the possibility to create a life that flows with “effortless ease”, in tune with who we truly are, this unique shining star that is part of the constellation, one with the ecosystem around, another emanation of the same source, a fellow living creatures, a being in between Earth and Skies, vital and ready to serve, shining bright.
Set up a daily meeting with yourself, the emails give you guideline to think, integrate and improve relations to things we are all sometimes worried about. It is a tool, use it as a structure to sustain your own enquiry. I add a personal note at the beginning, and ideas to get further and take more time with yourself at the end. I also share a medicine song. That kind of inspiring vibration that opens hearts and a tool for confinement survival.
Everyday we ill add the links to each day’s work.  Also find me every morning 9 am Insta Live for happy tips related to this quest of cultivating our inner world, enhancing the body consciousness and connecting with our soul.

With love,

PS 1 – Practice, practice, practice and al is coming. P. Jois
PS 2 – Miracles are by nature unexpected.
PS 3 – We just need to let space for the surprise to arise.
PS 4 – The law of Karma works in a way that we better ask for what we can give, before even thinking of what we can receive. 
PS 5 – Dhana Economy: take what you need, give what you can.

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