How to Relax during Fashion Week

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I know, Fashion Week is tough, 5 to 8 castings per day, non sleeping, working hours without even sitting, two or three jobs a day… And this crazy girl come to talk about yoga, I not even have time to read this article! hahaI actually pass by all this troubles (and still do), so I’m here to give some tips that will help you don’t lose your mind or even get sick on this days. My first Fashion Week, I remember felt a strong pain on my lower back, came to a doctor and took pain killers, I wasn’t familiar with yoga at that time…

How to Relax during Fashion Week

Yoga can be done anytime, anywhere, just follow the next steps:

1- After a long standing on heels day:

  • Lay against a wall, put a blanket next to it, and elevate your legs. This takes the edema out of your feet and is also very restorative.
  • If you are familiar with yoga, do any kind of inversion (shoulder, hand or head stands) put your legs up!!

2- Showrooms, shows:

  • What I like about those, is that you always have a break between clients or shows, so you can take this short period to maybe sit in a comfortable position and put your earphones with a good meditation app!
  • Sometimes I have so much time free that I bring my mat to work, when possible I started yoga and some people come and ask me tips or if they can join!
  • Happy baby is definitely my favorite, just lay down in the mat, bend your legs up, bring your hands to the feet (the name says everything, is the the position babys always do!) and massage your lower back doing little movements to the right and left without falling.

4- Anxiety for an important job, can’t sleep:

  • Do a mild form of bridge pose to reopen your chest and expand your lungs, which helps with breathing.
  • Concentrate in your breath, maybe start counting 1 to 3 every inhale, every exhale (1,2,3…) and going forward till 4.
  • Give a try to the pranayama Bhramari (Bee breathing), the vibration really relax every part of your body.

5- Ate too much, have a bikini/lingerie job tomorrow:

  • Try as many and faster salutations A&B as you can! You will feel that yoga can be also cardio and sweaty if needed.

Last but not least, what I most love about yoga: You can practice EVERYWHERE, you just need a space size of a mat and that’s it! So try in this PFW many of those tips and you will feel the changes.

Gabriela Spader.

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