The Metamorphosis

Dance and reconnection


From 9 to 14 July 2024

Experience the island of Ibiza at its best; awakening your senses to nature, learn to rebalance your spirit and remember who you are.

We also offer an exlcusive opportunity for Mothers to experience this alongside their children whilst also having time for themselves.

Let us show you this magical world within the heart of Ibiza.

We will have the chance to benefit from the confidence teachings of Amy Willerton during this stay,
as well as discovering the practice and secrets of Yogini Caroline Nagel, a synergy of practice that allows you to improve posture and vitality.

To Inspire yourself

𓆃 reConnection to your true beauty 𓆃

OUr Wishes

You reconnect with the part of grace and beauty that is specific to you but that will also take you out of your comfort zone through beautiful experiences; discovering the power of the island and its secrets.

The Lotus flower takes root in the mud to bloom sonething on the surface.

As we transform out of our shells; the gifts of life truly manifest themselves.

A retreat reserved for women to transform and live in joy.

We will be staying in a magnificent artist’s house located not far from Santa Eulalia.


5 Nights




9 July 2024 13:00


14 July 2024 13:00

REtreAT Course programme

△ From 9 To 14 July 2024 △

We will begin with an opening ceremony on the arrival day before we move into a week of daily yoga, dance and confidence workshops.

For our inner and outer children there will be painting, games, and working with the water elements in our natural salt pool. Before we complete our journey together at a secret Ibizenco dance party.

We will embrace a natural feng shui lifestyle – building écologie from the inside out.

You will be living in a wonderful Art Residency

Embrace Life

🪽 7 Participants minimum – 12 Participants maximum 🪽

Children are welcome

Retirement accessible to beginners and advanced levels


Caroline Nagel

Originally from Switzerland, she trained in India for several years with different aspects of yoga, exploring the benefits of Ayurvedic medicine. She also learned from the Tibetan monks the art of contemplation and breathing technics.

In Latin America, she discovered the incredible power of shamanic rituals and the power of a group.

From these initiatory journeys, Caroline draws a series of powerful lessons, while remaining firmly convinced that each encounter, each daily exchange can be a source of teaching.

« We are all keys and locks to each other »

A philosophy as simple as it is profound that she embodies and generously shares.

Because of her personal, spiritual journey and her three pregnancies, she now opens spaces for teaching and sharing to others, which combine martial art, aquatic practices, energy cleansing, and a ritual of reconnection to the cycle of nature.

By acting not only on the physical body but on the overall body homeostasis and energy Caroline takes each practice a step further in the art of expressing your true essence by revealing your inner master.

Amy Willerton

Amy Willerton, had a major life reset in 2022 when she moved to Ibiza.

Where she had whqt cqn only be described as a ‘sporadic awakening`.

She began doing handstands, painting , singing and dancing for the first time since being a small child.

Many were captivated by her unique style of dancing, and she began being invited to dance on stage at various festivals around the world.

When asked where she had trained. Amy answered ‘I simply remembered’

Connected deeply to the land of the island, Amy is passionate about sharing the process of radical transformation (especially on Ibiza)

She hopes to reconnect women to their true selves – working with the inner child to recapture the joy of life.

Combining her intuitive movement dance workshops, with kundalini yoga and quantum medicine – Amy also brings in her experience from her former life in the media and pageant industry to inspire confidence in all aspects of life and move closer to our personal dreams and goals.

Amy is also a mother to Demelza, 4, and is excited to offer the opportunity for Mother’s to join The Metamorphosis alongside their children.


6 Days Retreat : From 9 to 14 July 2024

In order to reserve your place on the retreat Whatsapp +33613433350 or email [email protected]

We have carefully prepared this retreat to offer you the best of ourselves, to share lots of Love and beautiful moments together.
If this yoga retreat speaks to you, don’t hesitate to come back to us, or book directly here if it resonates with you!



Not included

Villa : 5 Nights – 6 Days
All meals included
Teachings ( Dance – Posture – Martial Art – Yoga – Art )
One Welcome holistic Massage
Access to natural pool and quantum cold baths
Beautiful Pictures of our journey
Flight Tickets
Car rental on the islandYou will have the possibility to share with other participants and costs approximately 60 euros per person

For this retreat we are accompanied by the Label Inspi travel agency which will take over the management of your registration file as well as your insurance.