Retraite Acro Yoga, Ibiza


Satya Creative Expressions

Ibiza, 1-7th August


AcroYoga – Yoga  – Thai Massage –  Dance

Somatic Explorations –  Sound & Voice Journey 

We invite creativity into the various movement practices that are offered this week, exploring new spaces within to reveal your full potential, giving it an elegant touch and creating the space for you to shine and share during the various sessions where we invite you to take protagonism such as sunset photoshoot or the body lab (an experimental space do develop something you would like to share or create) and evening sharing/talent show.


△ 1-7 August 2019 △


Yoga is a metaphor for life to observe our attitude, and from the distance work towards liberation. Acroyoga aims at bringing people together, setting a playful environment to lift you up, beyond what you ever imagine being able to achieve. Thai massage is a practice that cultivate kindness, metta love and sharing. Somatic practices in nature and the water opens new doors of perception and the senses. The evening sessions of Sounds Journey, dance and voice are other doors that we combine to offer a full embodiment of the panel of possibilities to actually be.


The particularity of this retreat resides in:
  • Its dance inspiration, calling effortlessness, subtleness, expression and authentic movement through the week and a special evening dance session.
  • Somatic practices, as a development to raise our curiosity, listening and intuition. A somatic practice invites you to amplify your range of sensitivity and perception.
  • Through games, circle and partner/ group explorations we ignite new forms of creating and sharing together.
  • Guest musicians provide a musical setting for Voice exploration and Sound journey.
  • We will take you to some of our favourite and incredibly beautiful beach spots during the retreat.

Besides the promise of a juicy, chilled and empowering week, let some space for the unexpected to arise and expand your living to new heights. Open your wings, trust and believe in magic.


The programme is designed to give you a wide range of tools to find balance and feel what is this little something inside that makes you feel alive and share it to the world. Way more than a holiday, join us to access and experience the senses more fully , finding alignment within your body, mind and spirit, making new friends, eating super delicious and healthy meals and living this magical adventure amongst the forest, crystal clear waters, sunsets and beauty of the island.


DAILY SCHEDULE with Les Amazones Parisiennes

8:30 – 10:00 Morning Yoga
10:00 – 11:00 LIGHT BREAKFAST
11:00 – 13:30 Workshop 1
13:00 – 16:00 YUMMY LUNCH
16:30 – 19:00 Workshop 2
19:00 DINNER
20:30 – 22:00 Evening Activities

Résa & Booking


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Our package includes:
  • 6 nights accommodation in shared room with one or two other people.
  • All meals are vegan with an emphasis on seasonal and local produce.
  • Beach trips to some of our favourite and secret spots.
  • All activities and trips


Early Bird !


Accommodation : 🌿Can Lotus 🌿

Ibiza is renowned for parties, but the mystic north with its wild nature and incredible beaches can only seduce soul seekers. Can Lotus, located in the countriside among  pine forests overlooking the sea and hills is an authentic Finca Ibizenca is a perfect and intimate setting for this journey of movement and self discovery.

Can Lotus offers comfortable and cozy accomodation in beautifully remodelled rustic house. There are open chill out areas such as under the carob tree, on the roof tops  and a wooden deck  which will be our playground space for the week. All directions of the Finca lead out into nature where you can explore a little walk in the forest and breathe in the vibrant surroundings.

There will also be a few excursion/ beach trips to some of our favourite secret spots on the island to enjoy the crystal clear waters, soak up the sun and see the sunset.

Ibiza has much to offer and if you have a few days extra you can explore the island’s wild, lively and colourful markets, stunning sunsets, sacred sites and alternative events and activities.


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