How do you choose your Yoga mat?

The best yoga mats for a serene and safe practice.

Yoga requires the purchase of a floor mat to bring you comfort and avoid injury. However, there are many on the market, of different qualities and different brands… Manduka, Jade, Gurugrid, Gaiam, etc.

Are you lost in the carpet jungle? Be aware that a good quality yoga accessory must meet certain criteria: an eco-responsible mat made from eco-friendly materials, non-slip for safety, with excellent cushioning to limit joint and back pain and the right size. In this article, we’ve listed 10 different yoga mats that you’ll like.

Yoga mats Oeko tex

Liforme eco-friendly yoga mat

The B MAT EVERYDAY carpet is not a carpet like any other, because it is certified Oeko Tex , eco friendly

What good is this for?

Help the yogis gain a better alignment. It is a system that suits all morphologies. Ideal for beginners in this discipline, but also those who wish to perfect their postures.

This quality yoga mat is eco-friendly and durable because it is made of natural rubber and eco-polyurethane. This 180 cm long and 66 cm wide yoga accessory is larger than a standard floor mat, convenient for making asanas without injuring yourself. At 4 mm thick, it has incredible cushioning and exceptional grip thanks to these grips.

Ecological floor mats available in grey, blue, green or pink
Price: €79.99

Native Cork floor mat – Yoloha

This quality Yoloha floor mat, made in the United States, was born from the subtle blend of two recycled materials: cork and rubber. Non-toxic materials respectful of the planet. It’s an eco-responsible yoga mat consisting of 2 parts. The upper one is 1.5 mm thick with a mixture of rubber and cork. The lower 3.5 mm thickness of comfortable foam guaranteed without latex or PVC that does not hinder the balance. All for a lower weight compared to these competitors. Native Cork carpet has a natural antimicrobial material that makes it easier to clean. These closed cells do not enclose odors. It is also a very non-slip natural yoga mat, offering great durability perfect for dynamic yogas, hot and restorative (Bikram, Ashtanga, Yin, Vinyasa, Iyengar).

Available in 2 sizes: standard (183 cm long and 66 cm wide) or XL (203 cm long and 66 cm wide)
Price: $139 (about €119)

Quality yoga mats between €75 and €100

Mat Pro Yoga Carpet – Manduka

The Mat pro Manduka carpet, 180 cm long and 66 cm wide, is perhaps the reference in yoga mats. First of all because the quality is there, but also because it is a guaranteed carpet for life. Made without PVC or latex, it is Oeko Tex® Standard 100 certified. Its density offers an incomparable cushioning (thickness of 6 mm) for joints and back, especially on hard soils. Thanks to the unique grip of this Manduka rug,you won’t slip even when sweating excessively and no matter the texture of the coating on which it is placed. It is a hygienic yoga accessory because its surface has closed cells. In short, it is a durable and durable eco-friendly mat ideal for dynamic yogas (Ashtanga, Hot Yoga, etc.).

Various colors to choose from: black, black magic, sage, odyssey, verve
Price: €94

Harmony Sustainable Yoga Carpet – Jade

The Jade Harmony carpet, one of the best carpets on the market. It is also the one that is best known of the brand Jade, reference brand in the world of yoga, appreciated yogis for its respect for the environment. Indeed, Jade plants a tree with each yoga mat ordered. This eco-friendly floor mat is made from sustainable production in the United States and is made of natural gum. You can use it even if you are allergic to latex. Its structure with open cells has the advantage of maintaining optimal adhesion even in the event of perspiration. This yoga accessory is durable, durable and comfortable thanks to its 5 mm thickness. It is suitable for all types of yoga.

2 models for 2 sizes: standard 173 cm long and 61 cm wide or wide 188 cm long and 61 cm wide
Various colours to choose from: olive green, purple, black, midnight blue, Orange Tibet, red
Price: €85

Eco-Friendly Premium Eco-Friendly Yoga Carpet – Gurugrid

On the Gurugrid mat are drawn circles, lines and numbers to help you align properly when practicing asanas and measure your body (including the width of your hips and shoulders). It’s also a way of estimating your progress in the discipline. A practical yoga accessory of standard size 183 cm long and 61 cm wide, made of natural rubber and polyurethane. At a thickness of 5 mm, this eco-friendly floor mat has good traction. It’s suitable for everyone, regardless of your size or age. Ideal for beginners or yogis who want to improve.

An eco-responsible carpet available in black and yellow, blue and pink, black and blue, black and red, black and green
Price: $88 (about $75)

Natural yoga mat in Cork and rubber – Yogamatata

Yogamatata to create the perfect carpet for practitioners of Yin Yoga, gentle practices like Tai Chi or meditation, their carpets are eco-friendly because their inks are water-based, completevegan and PVC-free, TPE-free, non-toxic. The inks are water-based.

You should know that cork is a natural antimicrobial.

Yogamatata proposes to contribute to the preservation of bees and pollinators because for every carpet purchased, a donation of 2 euros is made to the association Patrons and Godfathers of Bees to sow flowers of the fields in the French agricultural wastelands.

We loved their eco-responsible packaging,the paper they use is seeded with flower seeds. As if to germinate your intention by offering you this beautiful gift, we were seduced by the symbolism of this beautiful poetry.

Different options its possible, travel mats or thicker for the house to choose you.

Price of the thick model: €89

Eco-friendly yoga mats for less than €75

Yoga mat combo – Yoga Design Lab

This quality Yoga Design Lab mat is 2-in-1: a biodegradable natural rubber mat – a microfiber towel. The microfiber top was designed with recycled plastic bottles and printed with water-based ink. No need to use a yoga mat and towel that keeps moving while making your asanas. An original floor mat perfect for yogis sweating from hands, as its surface is very absorbent. For a safe practice! This yoga accessory,178 cm long and 61 cm wide (standard size), is non-slip, lightweight and very comfortable with a thickness of 3.5 mm. But, above all, it is respectful of the planet, because it is durable, recyclable and chemical-free (toxic glue, phthalates, silicone). Prefer it for dynamic yogas, hot, bikram.

Different designs are sold on theTayronalife store
Price: €74

Prolite yoga mat – Manduka

TheProlite Manduka mat,designed by yoga teachers, offers high quality and resistance to wear. Ideal for dynamic yogas like Ashtanga and Hot Yoga.

The most amazing thing is that it is guaranteed for life for a durable yoga accessory. Certified Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, it was made without carbon emissions and latex, perfect if you are allergic. This high-performance eco-friendly mat, 180 cm long and 61 cm wide, is non-slip and does not stick even if you sweat. Having the same qualities as the Mat Pro carpet,it is however lighter and easier to carry anywhere with you, despite its thickness of 4.5 mm.

There is also an L-size 200 cm long
Price: €69

Eco luxury floor mat Sage and Flint – M.Life

This M.Life floor mat, 183 cm long and 61 cm wide (standard size) is environmentally friendly, recyclable and durable because it is made of TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer), giving it a soft texture to the touch. It is guaranteed without chemicals or latex, PVC or rubber. The Eco luxury Sage and Flint yoga mat, with its 6mm thickness, has good cushioning and is therefore comfortable, but still lightweight. A knot allows it to be tightened to carry it easily.

Price: €56

Eko Lite eco-friendly carpet – Manduka

Certified Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, the Eko Lite Manduka floor mat has been designed without PVC, 99 without latex and devoid of toxic plasticizers. It is the most adhesive, durable and durable travel mat on the market.

Size 180 cm long and 61 cm wide, this one is made of natural rubber for an eco-friendly yoga mat.

It is a high performance yoga accessory, an innovation invented by yoga teachers in just 3 years. Its closed cell technology, inspired by marine plant textiles, offers great comfort for a thickness of 3 mm. It is also lightweight, convenient to take away when travelling.

Various colors: acai, midnight blue(night blue), thunder (thunder).
Price: €55

Eco-responsible carpet Tree of life – Gaiam

A yoga mat that inspires calm and serenity during and after your session, thanks to the beautiful design of the tree of life and its green color.

Made of PVC, it is environmentally friendly and durable, containing no phthalates or latex. Ideal for allergic yogis. This Tree of Life floor mat, 172 cm long and 61 cm wide and lightweight, is comfortable (3 mm thick) and non-slip for a yoga class without injury.

Price: €40

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