1. Hi, how do you feel right now?
 Can you share with us a few details about your actual state. 

Hmmm….  Presently I am in Katmandu, Nepal and it has been lockdown for 2 weeks now because of Corona virus. As an individual being I am feeling good in present movement, but when I see what is happening around the world is horrifying as many of the human beings are not able to get basic needs such as food, shelter and medical care during this difficult times. Still I am witnessing unconditional love and care from a Napali family where I am staying presently in this tough situation. Feeling more responsible as I am interacting with my students through Yoga videos and teachings through social media. I can say first time in my life I am appreciating the importance of Internet and Social media which are connecting us and making us to be united during this challenging times. 

2. When you landed on the mat for the first time? And in which part of your life you were, at that time? 

It was in 1991, I was 11 at that time. My father introduced me to basic practices of Yoga.

3. Imagine to explain what yoga is to a child! How would that be? 

Hahahaha…. It is simple, tell them if they want to become Super Man or Wonder Women, yoga will help ☺ 
On a serious note, explain them in simple words that yoga brings strength to their body and it improves concentration. By practicing yoga one will love, care and share with all. When kids yoga class conducted we have to choose simple poses like tree pose and make a story to convey the message of love and care.

4. In which way your yoga practice re-shaped your life?
 Could you tell the most relevant benefits you had and still having? 

I can say that yoga helped me to be a good human being and respect the values which brings happiness to others. I suffered severely with chronic sinusitis in my teenage. Because of Yoga practices I have overcome with those problems. Still I do Yogic cleansing techniques regularly which helps me a lot. 

Yogi Trupta
5. How would you describe your relationship with your breath? 

Oh! It’s a beautiful relationship. I can say breath is like Devine energy, when you become aware you feel the presence of it but when you are not aware still it’s with you as a guard protecting you always. It’s the bridge between physical, mental and energetic body.

6. Which is your daily routine?
 Do you think you’re able to really detach yourself from it when, imagine.. you skip it one day? 

My day starts at 4:00 am usually. When I am conducting Yoga Teacher Training Course or any other yoga programs, totally I do 4 hours of Asana, pranayama and meditation practice. Otherwise I do around six hours of practice. You know one thing, when you start going more and more subtler and deeper level of practice, it gives you so much positive energy by which you don’t want to skip your regular practice. But when I travel to Europe, Japan or Bali I take few days of break from vigorous practice. I switch to more Pranayama and Mediation. Our biological clock is amazing, we need to appreciate and respect it, by which one can really understand the harmony between body, mind and soul.  

7. When you made the choice to teach ? how this happened and what teaching represents to you? 

I met my Guru Dr. Ramachandra Bhat in 2002 and studied under guidance for five years. As I was already practicing Asanas, my master asked me to teach to my juniors in Veda Vijnana Gurukulam. Later in 2005 I joined Svyasa Yoga University in Banagalore to pursue my Yoga Therapy course where  I started teach to many people. 

8. That is the biggest challenge for you while you are teaching? 

Truly speaking, till now I have not faced any challenge in the teaching. Even though Teacher Training courses which me and Stephanie Viu Kesseler conduct together are quite demanding in nature, we are always blessed to have wonderful students from around world. 

Yogi Trupta – Radiantly Alive, Bali – © Nicolas Cauvin
9. What is home to you?
Feeling Home to you is more a physical place, a way of being, people who love you or a combination of it?

That is a beautiful question indeed. Since childhood I have never been in one place. But wherever I spent my time I felt it as home because I was surrounded by amazing and lovely people. So for me home will be that where I can spend my time with wonderful people who loves yoga and want to discover more about it. 

10. Which is your biggest dream? And on a global scale? 

To create a global space where all genuine styles of yoga are thought and learnt from deserved yogis and yoginis. Personally, I want to teach and share another 15 years and later to indulge in to deeper Yoga Sadana. 

11. And your biggest fear?

Death before understanding this life.

12. How do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hmmmm… I will be 50 by then! May be quite old… Hahahaha.. On a serious note, I would like to see this Global Space for all Yoga Styles which I mentioned earlier to get manifested. 

13. One action that can change the world? 

In my opinion there is no one action but in every action show respect, compassion and love to others.

14. What do you believe in?

I believe in YOGA. Yoga is the one of the great path to discover ultimate happiness. This path  has been bestowed upon us by our great Yogis with their experiment and experience. We have to just follow the formula which has been given by them. 

Yogi Trupta – Patnem, GoaIndia – © Ganesh Hedge
15. Can you share a life story that blowed your mind and it felt like it is never the same again… 

I was 25 by then, working as the head of the department of back pain section in Yoga University. We had a patient got admitted in to the therapy section who was suffering with acute back pain and was not able to move from the bed. She was suffering heavily in this condition for few years. After her admission with simple yoga techniques, pranayama and meditation, within two weeks she was able to walk around with great ease and smile on her face. After four weeks she was almost healthy and ready to leave to her home. She came to me and held my hands and with depth of her hearts she said ‘Thank You, you saved my life. God bless you ’. That was one of the greatest movements in my life which assured me that I am in the perfect path to lead my life. 

16. What was the biggest revelation about life you had so far? – thanks to yoga, meditation

Theoretically and emotionally I can say “ I am part of this amazing Cosmos”. I have to just experience it.

17. Could you tell us a fun fact? Related to the yoga practice .. 

When people debate and conclude with their own opinion about Yoga that it is for only physical evolution and they don’t want to go beyond that point that is an amusing part for me. 

Yogi Trupta – Paris – © Raphael Pincas

Through Trupta I felt a part of what practice can give you. Having him as a teacher was an absolute honor and I am grateful to life for bringing him into my path! I’ll never forget his quietness and high dedication to Practice.
Thank you for spreading it to others! I admire you so much.