Jaquie Aiche Paris

Brand history

Jaquie Aiche, is a well-known jewelry designer in the United States. She lives in Beverly Hills, California. Jacquie surrounds herself with things that are close to her heart, scattered throughout her house, there are bohemian touches of crystals, stones, feathers, small statues unenbbled during her travels.

At the age of 8, she already possessed an innovative and enterprising spirit, she sold to her neighbors stones on which she painted.

The designer completed her graduate studies at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles.


Today, Jacquie Aiche, at the head of her company, orchestrates her team (which she calls the JA-Tribe) composed of 15 people specializing in marketing and sales. Jacquie Aiche’s pieces are designed to be worn daily as a “second skin” by superimposing them. Its goal is to beautify the natural woman.

Jacquie Aiche Emily

Emily Ratajkoski is one of Jacquie Aiche’s muses. This model and actress wears her jewelry like a goddess. You will also find her jewelry on other stars such as sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid or Julia Roberts who superimpose them in style.

Jacquie Aiche Bracelet

The designer’s bestsellers are gold finger bracelets,composed of extremely thin chains that connect fingers to wrists, frequently studded with small diamonds.

Jacquie aiche Jewelry

Then the shaker earrings, assembling small dangling discs of gold or diamonds and rings. Several models are reminiscent of talismans, such as eye-shaped earrings and turquoise scarab rings.

His luxury hippie creations have been sold in iconic stores like Saks Fifth Avenue in New York, now you can find his exceptional pieces and our selection on our website.

Although the majority of her sales are in shops, Jacquie Aiche also gives a casual look to her exchanges by making them from home. In fact, about twenty customers visit the Aiche house by invitation per day. The stars spend a few hours there and leave with a bag of jewelry.

Jacquie Aiche Blesslev

In addition to jewelry, Jacquie Aiche has created a spiritual world in her home by offering yoga classes, gong baths with shaman Jon Rasmussen, spiritual consultations, facials, inviting famous piercers, like Sean Roth, who will exercise on his clients…

The influence of Jacquie Aiche’s Egyptian/American heritage allowed him to acquire an exceptional style. Its working methodology transports us to the Middle East with hammered gold, architectural figures, representations of fetishes… Jacquie chose powerful materials from fossils, precious stones like Native American turquoises. As well as crystals such as moonstones, quartz, watermelon tourmalines

These stones are carefully selected, cherishing those that inspire love and beauty. Thanks to these materials filled with positive energies, jewelry is no more than mere accessories but become sacred amulets.

According to Jacquie Aiche, the protective powers of the stones make her jewels small portable lucky charms.

Interview with Jacquie aiche

April 1, 2020
1) How to be part of the J-Tribe??

The JA Tribe is a home for women who adore to be adorned, and anyone is welcome. We’re all about spreading the love 🙂 It’s a community for everyone that is drawn to the power of crystal healing, layers of diamonds and gold, and of course positive energy. 

2) What is the most beautiful place in Paris?

My favorite hideaway in Paris is a restaurant named Apicius. It has this undeniable charm and the food is exceptional. Everytime I’m there, I have an enchanting evening…It never fails.

3) What jewelry is ideal for a yoga teacher?

Whatever your heart desires. The best thing about our layers is that they’re meant to be lived in – you never take them off. For yoga practice, and everything else.

4) Favorite yoga posture?

Camel pose is my favorite. I’m skeptical about getting into it. But once I’m there it’s just what I needed. As a heart-opening pose it always makes me cry, and I feel amazing after.

6) What is the ideal room for a Parisian woman?

Anything from the Elizabeth collection…I love the regal energy found in Paris. It’s unlike anywhere else in the world. These diamond adornments are feminine and divine, just like the essence of Parisian women. Dressed up or down, they’re unforgettable.

7) What is the most beautiful finger bracelet?

It’s so hard to pick favorites, because I always wear three 🙂 But, I adore my rose cut double stem with marquise diamonds. 

8) Can we replace the wedding ring with a finger bracelet?

There’s something so uniquely sensual about finger bracelets…Why wear one as a replacement for your wedding ring, when you can just layer them on together? More is more 🙂

9) Do you have an altar? What can we find on it?

Yes! My altar holds all of the sacred, special things that keep me feeling centered and connected to my spirit. My favorite crystals, feathers, my Gypsy Dust, candles and my Gypsy Mist. 

10) When did the men’s collection appear?

We released our JA Men’s collection in October, but I had been designing custom pieces long before that. I was inspired by the talented and artistic men who are close to me. They had been asking for a collection for themselves, and I just couldn’t say no…

11) Is there a baby collection in sight?

Who knows what the future holds…we’ll have to wait and see.

12) What is your spiritual routine?

I love to begin my day with meditation and Kundalini yoga. Both of those things bring me a deep connection to myself and my spirit. I believe in the power of prayer and crystal healing. I keep my gemstones close and am always consciously finding moments of gratitude throughout my day. 

13) We love your magic oils, when should they be used?

I use Gypsy Glow everyday…both in my morning self-care routine and as the last thing I do before bed. It gives my skin so much hydration, it really does feel like magic.

© Laura Layera

14) Ideas for the next creation?

I’ve found so much love for creating products within the wellness realm. I’m currently working on a deck of affirmation cards, and I can’t wait to release them. They will provide positive mantras for empowerment and self-love…and I think we could all really use them right now <3

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