Balasana: Posture of the child

Yoga Posture
Balasana: child’s posture


The posture of the child, Balasana, is a “fold on oneself. She gently stretches the hips, thighs and ankles. This asana is ideal for calming the brain and helping relieve stress and fatigue. In this position, the gaze is turned to the heart, which invites you to enter into oneself in order to observe what sensations and emotions emerge. It is a so-called position of introspection.

The little trick of the Parisian Amazons for this posture is to breathe well! Imagine with every breath that the torso is sucked towards the ceiling, lengthening and widening the spine. With each exhalation, release all your muscles deeply, feel that your shoulders are falling forward, that the features of your face are relaxing, and that your pelvis is becoming more and more comfortably on the heels.

The little comfort that makes you happy

However, if you have trouble sitting on your heels in this posture, we invite you to place a thick blanket, folded between the thighs and calves. This will allow you to soften the posture and not pull too much on your knees if they are sensitive.

The direction of the gaze in the postures of Yoga (Drishti)

The eyes turn to the inside of the body to silently observe the breathing body.


There are several variations of Balasana. You can practice this posture with your knees open or closed. Open knees(yoga posture recommendedfor pregnant women), you will benefit from more space to breathe with the abdomen, remember to keep in contact with your two big toes, this will help you in alignment. If you prefer to tighten your knees against each other, you will give a good massage to the internal organs, which is favorable to digestion.

In this asana, the arms can be stretched forward, palms on the ground, or brought back to each side of the legs.

Take this pose to warm up and rest between two more dynamic postures, when a posture is difficult for you you can always adopt this position during a course the teacher will understand that you are regenerating.