L'équipe des Amazones

Dans la mythologie grecque, les Amazones (en grec ancien Ἀμαζόνες / Amazónes ou Ἀμαζονίδες / Amazonídes) sont un peuple de femmes guerrières que la tradition situe sur les rives de la mer Noire ...

Ola Jas

Professeur d'AcroYoga - Créatrice d'Experience
Explorer of movement with a multidisciplinary approach, I look for synergies in order to expand my perception, work on my intuition, develop an elegancy in motion and use the body as a medium to optimise my vital energy and my reality. With a circus inspiration, I call the power of imagination to get you further away of any boundaries towards harmony and creativity, applying a contemporary, flow and progressive training methodology. Based in Ibiza over the European summer, I travel Europe and Asia the rest of the year to refine my understanding and share my learning. I am a nomadic yoga and acroyoga teacher, an experienced bodyworker and a performer.